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M55021 Cable | MIL-C-55021 | NEMA WC 55021 Wire Spec

This specification covers electrical cables consisting of unshielded and unjacketed, shielded, jacketed, or shielded and jacketed twisted pairs and triples, and shielded or shielded and jacketed singles. Cables constructed with (PVC) insulated wires or jackets are not to be used for aerospace applications.

Cable is intended for internal wiring of electrical equipment for application temperatures of, -40°C to 105°C = /1, -65°C to 200°C = /2

Simply build your cable from the tables below, or contact Ryan Electronics for more information.

M55021 Part Number Example: B24C904-903-902P

Wire Type Conductor Size Conductor Material Color of 1st Wire Color of 2nd Wire Color of 3rd Wire Covering Over Components
B 24 C 904 903 902 P
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Table 1: Type of Wire

Symbol Type Wire Specification Symbol Type Wire Specification
B M16878/1 EE M16878/5 (NEMA HP3)
C M16878/2 BJ M16878/17
D M16878/3 CJ M16878/18
E M16878/4 (NEMA HP3) DJ M16878/19

Table 2: Conductor Size

Conductor Size Stranding
30 - 26 AWG 7 Strands
24 - 12 AWG 19 Strands
10 AWG 37 Strands

Table 3: Conductor Material

Conductor Code Conductor Type
C Copper
S Copper Clad Steel
H High Strength Copper Alloy

Table 4: Color Code

For single shielded and single shielded and jacketed constructions, a dash should not be used. The color code designators for wires 2 and 3 of a twisted pair and triplet are separated by a dash. Two groups of numbers indicate a twisted pair, three groups indicate a twisted triple. Any order of color code designators is acceptable.

Code Color Code Color
0 Black 5 Green
1 Brown 6 Blue
2 Red 7 Violet
3 Orange 8 Gray
4 Yellow 9 White

Table 5: Covering Over Components

Symbol Type Covering Over Finished Cable
U Unjacketed and unshielded
P Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacket
F Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) jacket
J Polyamide jacket
T Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) jacket
S Shielded and unjacketed
SF Shielded and covered with FEP jacket
SP Shielded and covered with PVC jacket
SJ Shielded and covered with Polyamide jacket
STW Shielded and covered with wrapped PTFE jacket
STX Shielded and covered with extruded PTFE jacket