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MIL-W-16878 | M16878 Wire


Ryan Electronics is a proven supplier of high-quality MIL-W-16878 wire. The M16878 specification covers unshielded wire for hookup and lead wiring of electrical and electronic components and equipment. The temperature rating for M16878 wire included in this specification ranges from -65°C to 260°C.

Number Type Conductor Voltage Rating Temperature Rating Insulation NEMA Type
M16878/1 B Tin or Silver 600V 105°C PVC HP-7
M16878/2 C Tin or Silver 1000V 105°C PVC HP-7
M16878/3 D Tin or Silver 3000V 105°C PVC HP-7
M16878/4 E Silver 600V 200°C PVC HP-7
M16878/5 EE Silver 1000V 200°C PTFE HP-3
M16878/6 ET Silver 250V 200°C PTFE HP-3
M16878/11 K Tin or Silver 600V 200°C FEP HP-4
M16878/12 KK Silver 1000V 200°C FEP HP-4
M16878/13 KT Tin or Silver 250V 200°C FEP HP-4
M16878/17 BN Tin 600V 105°C PVC with Nylon Jkt HP-7
M16878/18 CN Tin 1000V 105°C PVC with Nylon Jkt HP-7
M16878/19 DN Tin 3000V 105°C PVC with Nylon Jkt HP-7
M16878/20 ET Wrapped Silver 250V 200°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3
M16878/21 E Wrapped Silver 600V 200°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3
M16878/22 EE Wrapped Silver 1000V 200°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3
M16878/23 ET NPC Nickel 250V 260°C PTFE HP-3
M16878/24 ET NPC Nickel 250V 260°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3
M16878/25 E NPC Nickel 600V 260°C PTFE HP-3
M16878/26 E NPC Wrapped Nickel 600V 260°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3
M16878/27 EE NPC Nickel 1000V 260°C PTFE HP-3
M16878/28 EE NPC Wrapped Nickel 1000V 260°C PTFE Wrapped HP-3