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M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing



M23053 tubing will shrink to a predetermined size upon the application of heat. When subjected to chemicals, extreme temperatures, corrosion, shock and moisture, M23053 heat shrink tubing offers excellent physical resistance, extending the life of the material it is protecting. We offer a variety of M23053 heat shrink tubing that are high-expansion/low-expansion, semi-rigid/flexible and have operating temperatures that range from -25°C to +200°C.

M23053/4 (Polyolefin, Dual-Wall, Outer Wall Crosslinked)
M23053/5 (Polyolefin, Flexible, Crosslinked)
M23053/8 (Polyvinylidene Fluoride, Semi-Rigid, Crosslinked)
M23053/13 (Fluoroelastomer, Flexible)
M23053/16 (Crosslinked Elastomeric Polyolefin, Flexible)

Other specifications available, contact Ryan Electronics for your specific needs.








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