Mil Spec Wire and Cable

M27500 Wire | MIL-C-27500 Cable | NEMA WC 27500


M27500 for aerospace and industrial electric applications






M27500 | Mil C 27500 | NEMA WC 27500 is a mil spec wire that is commonly single or multi-conductor. M27500 cable can have both single or double shields & jackets. M27500 cable is designed to perform in the most challenging conditions and environments and are commonly used in military and aerospace applications. Basic wire size, type, numbers of wire, shield, and jacket styles may all be spelled out under the M27500 spec.

M27500 Part Number Breakdown
M27500 RC-06
M27500 RC-09
M27500 TG-14

Other specifications available, contact Ryan Electronics for your specific needs.




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