Mil Spec Wire and Cable

M23053/5 Polyolefin Flexible Heat Shrink Tubing



Heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing is wire insulation that shrinks to a predetermined size when heat is applied, forming a barrier around a wire or cable to protect against external elements including moisture, corrosive chemicals, UV light, fungus, and extreme temperature.

In addition to acting as a long-lasting barrier, polyolefin shrink tubing prevents damage to wire and cable by providing extra strain relief to withstand repeated bending and friction.

Heat shrink tubing is strong, durable, flexible, and flame resistant, and comes in a variety of types and sizes.

M23053/5 CL1 Heat Shrink Tubing - 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Colors
M23053/5 CL2 Heat Shrink Tubing - 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Clear
M23053/5 CL3 Heat Shrink Tubing - 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Colors














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